Exhibit Cases Eleven through Fifteen

Williams was elected a fellow with the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, and was presented with a certificate in Boston, April 1969.


Introducing Amistad. Random House promotional poster (1970).


MOTHERSILL AND THE FOXES. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday (1975). First edition.


Original typescript of collaborative effort by Williams and his wife, Lori. (1979).


THE BERHAMA ACCOUNT. Far Hills, N.J.: New Horizon Press (1985). First edition, in dust jacket.


Like Mothersill and the Foxes, this novel was supposed to be funny, funnier than Mothersill. Curiously, editors said this wasn't a "John Williams novel." I think this meant that I was supposed to produce heavy stuff all the time. In desperation, I used a pen name, Gian Viggiani (the protagonist is Italian). But, then everyone was saying, "Aw, this is a first novel, and who the hell is Viggiani anyway." This is a political novel about public relations hustlers on a Caribbean island - a situation I am not unfamiliar with. Finally, a small publisher did the book, which was not widely reviewed. I don't think the production of the book helped us; it is very badly done. I still think that The Berhama Account is a funny book waiting for something good to happen to it