Laura Nash: Neilly Series Lecture


Laura Nash: Neilly Series Lecture





Senior lecturer at Harvard Business School in the Entrepreneurial Management unit, Laura Nash will explore critical problems with dominant models of success today and how they impact performance, leadership, and commitment in a talk titled “Just Enough—Foundation for Lasting Success.” Nash is co- author of Just Enough: Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life. Drawing on her extensive research, she presents a different model, based on the metaphor of a kaleidoscope, which captures the chief ingredients of lasting success, i.e., accomplishments that “last” in satisfaction because they are worth it to you and others. Nash explores the critical dimensions of lasting success and ways to use the model to check in, rebalance, and set the next goals in ways that align with these deep aspirations. She explores what constitutes the core ingredients of real success; how to strategize productively about your own needs and opportunities over a lifetime—not to mention the needs of others whom you care about; how to anticipate the key reasons why high achievers can pursue a form of success that they and others around them do not want; and how to foster a reasoned sense of Just Enough. Nash has a PhD in classical philosophy from Harvard University and has written and taught on business ethics and leadership for twenty-five years.




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