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Thayer, Sarah E. Letter to Amy Kirby Post. (1861-06-17)

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^I can see the enclosure on this side of the cemetery^
in and suffer I would much rather lay her
by her dear Aunt - we found a very pleas
ant spot at Fort Hilo Cemetary [sic] and I
am now so near that I can enjoy to some
extent the idea of being still near her
and yet I know she is even still nearer
It was her desire to be lain in a pleasant
place and I do feel better than if she had
been lain by the [ala M. House?]
I do want to go and visit L.P.M. but I shall
not be able to go as Abbie is so lonely
I suppose Huldah has written thee or it has
just now occur’d [sic] to me as I write that perhaps
she will call on thee in person at Rochester
I shall never forget her kind loving service
to my poor child Thy visit too will long be
remembered beside the sweet sympathy which
to me “as a brook by the way”- it is well that I am
so taken up with the Linda infant as it takes my
mind off the too exciting part - the few weeks
previous were indeed very affecting and it seems
as if I should have more [prostrated? protested?] by such
confinement had I not been constantly employ’d