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Willis, Sarah L Kirby Hallowell. Letter to Isaac Post.

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lady from Ohio who delighted the young folks with her unique way of singing her sermons. [?] real old fashioned, and interested me very much for a time, not only her song but she seemed so heartily in [?] and related some incidents We had Alice Walbridge one day to dinner and [missed?] the afternoon [?] ing to visit with her, she seems well and bright and entertaining _ says her mother is pretty well for her though blind _ not that her sight is gone but the [eye?] lids are so [? ??] eyes she cannot [use?] them even with her [?] as she did for some time Alice' new house is nearly done and they expect to move in next month [?] day and were expecting to go to hear Mr. [M?] but just before time to go Alice came in to see if we were going to Plymouth to hear S Smiley, so thinking