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Daniels, Cora L V. Letter to Amy Kirby Post.

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Daniels, Cora L.V. Letter to Amy Kirby Post

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New Orleans July 14th /67

My Dear Mrs Post --

The thought has been in my breast for many days to write to you - & you have been so constantly in my mind of late that I will not longer deprive myself of the pleasure of receiving an answer from you, which I know my letter will bring --

I am lonely too - today, for my dear husband is necessarily about our business in one of the distant parishes (counties) of the state and even sweet baby Ettas' smiles cannot [save?] one from some ap- prehensions for his safety -- for some of these country places are still in the barberous conditions which slavery and the rebellion have produced - but - thanks to our slow but at last sure Congress we are to have thorough protection in the [wish?] of radical reconstruc- tion. I have Phil Sheridan. Thus strengthened will go

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on removing all rebels from the civil offices and placing loyal men in their stead. My husband with a few active & efficient workers are busily employing every ? evening in organizing clubs - union leagues - & c. & c. The colored people especially his old soldiers are in extacies over his return - & declare they will elect him to any position he will consent to fill - for the present he is busy registering voters in a country parish - a position to which sheridan appointed him. The other place of register in bankruptcy to which Justice Ch? nominated him has proved entirely a failure and has been given at last to an exconfederate soldier - who is now ? loyal. But the office would not pay for the salt he eats - & it is better as it is for his present position ? the

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way for political prominence in the state. But the rejection of his nomination for the former position by the district judge of this state (Durell) shows how depraved the civil offices & officers have become & what a thorough cleansing they need. The truly loyal ? men have had no ? - ? - We are boarding in a pleasant highly cultured union family We ? this gentlemen & his wife have been strong ? & radical people from the first - he was a ? ? ? here where the war ? - ? ? & ? rendered him bankrupt. & once he was shot & seriously wounded by a rebel. Notwithstanding all this & that they have lost every thing - he has

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been ? for several ? ? ? any position or suitable employment at the hands of the "loyal" governer of the state. ? ? ? allow me to ? the presence of Mrs. Dostie - widow of the late Dr. Dostie - murdered in the riot of last July -- she is a guest here & is dependent upon the kind hospitality of friends. A movement is on foor for the formulation of a society of ladies to collect a fund? to be called the Dostie fund - for her support. Mrs. ? intended starting the matter & will do so as soon as possible but yesterday she ^Mrs. S.^ rec'd the sad news of her Fathers' deceace rendering her departure for the north necessary --

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I wish the friends in R_ would raise a handsome little (or large) sum towards this laudible end. God knows we are poor ourselves. but we are ? & strong & dear husband has every prospect of ? -- if the desirous people can ? hire at all he will succeed. - but here is a poor widow (& there are many such) bereft of a noble husband who died nobley in defense of the right. & while she is left to starve or receive the bounty of friends the ^u very men who murdered her husband - are reveling in luxury - infamously pardoned by that double traitor & murderer Andrew Johnson. My blood boils & my tongue cannot find words to say -- ? my indignation when I remember & behold the

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scene of that bloody massacre of last July - and yet these most ^u Christian rebels are ready to die with grief at the execution of a foreign prince in Mexico! O shame where is their blush? I am delighted with the climate and the foliage & flowers present a luxuriance & beauty which exceeds all my imaginings. - I have now seen the orange ? with fruit & flowers The banana - with its lucious ?. The fig tree with delicious ripe fruit. the pomegranate with scarlet bell shaped flowers & pear shaped fruit. The flowring Jessamine, rare & snowy white & many more the names of which I cannot now recall. We are sourounded by all these trees & a fine garden

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in a nice cool house just outside the city limits - The place is beautiful beyond description - on nearly all sides the ? curves around us & back of us a few miles is Lake Pontchartrin. so we get the breezes from all directions. Dear precious, baby is so well & so smart. alltho teething she gives me very little trouble & has already cut two little pearls. she says pa-pa & ma-ma & hitches all around the floor. I wish you could see her - How often we think of your great house & loving hearts & wish we could drop in upon you - to see the ? ? too - ! What blessed people they are! We think of you the more

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because "^u our kind" of society here is very limited -- with the Roman Catholic religion on the one hand and the effects of slavery on the other it will be ? ? be - ? we shall see the shackles removed from the Southern people. The colored people are by far the best population to work upon & there we shall begin -- My Dear Husband would send many messages home ? ? please remember ? most affectionately to the ? family - and accept for yourself and your dear ones the united love of our happy trio. Cora L.V. Daniels Address care of Col. N. N. Daniels New Orleans, La.

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P.S. Mrs. Post, should you succeed in doing anything for Mrs Dostie please forward the result either for us or to Mr D. F. Simpson New Orleans -- I would prefer the latter. If necessary I might write a letter in her behalf for the scociety & have it read - If you think it best for us to do so send word immediately, I know your many duties but I feel [that] this case is one of all others which merits attention. Cora

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