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Post, Amy Kirby. Letter to Isaac Post.

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diserned great signs of preparation for defence or attack, Oh the innumerable multitude of horses that we saw on the Eastern bank, driven down to drink in one place, the great Arsenal and cannon on each side was a great sight, all the distance flaggs were flying from almost every hill top, I cant tell how shocking back every thing almost look at Alexandria, you must wait for a discription, until I return, found Harriet--Julia and Louisa and a Miss Lawton with them all well, We forunately or unfortunately found the everlasting Mr. Gladwen first, he kept us as long as he could from finding Julia and companions, showing all the best--and keeping us out of all the worst abodes--The N York committee John Thomas Dr Tateham & one other, was their, I think they mean to search into things as far as possible--they did not like our making so short a stay, we would like to have stayed longer--We shall go tomorrow or next day to Arlington heights. have not been to any Hosfertat vet, yesterday went to the House of representatives and heard the Presidents Message read, could not help thinking that it was already being transmitted to you. we had the notorious Poen Novel pointed out to us in his seat on the Democratic side of the house, which is to the right of the speakers desk, after the house broke up we looked all over the capitol, very grand, and of course we searched out the Senate chamber, and were invited in on its sacred floor, and there we saw Charles Sumnier sitting in close conversation with Horace Greely--Wilson was also in the room also senator Sparague, and Col Boyd of Missoura, and many others we walked and stood around sometime, being invited by one who saw us at the door, sliped up and asked us in and walked around with us, We have not called on father Abraham yet, When we just came in sight of Washington on early ^morning^ yesterday, we paped the solders camps, Oh what a sight, they ^discovers^ sumin all astir, preparing for a start somewhere with their four horse covered waggons in numbers surpasing anything we had ever conceived of, where they were going, we could not find out, Souldiers ware all over every where-- today we all went to the office and before the Provose Mastial to get permits to go over in dixey, we readily affirmed our loyalty, and went on riding in the contri- band Ambulance drawn by two fine mules, driven by Albert the contriband, Benjamin Fish met us at the wharf and went with us, also Gerogiana & Miss Nichols

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