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Thayer, Sarah E. Letter to Amy Kirby Post. (1869-01-01)

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Watkins and [pursue?] your way to NY - We have peachy here every year as the
name indicates. - and grapes ripen to [perfect??] - They are put into [crates or?]
boxes and being good [returns/retains]

Our [estimate?] is [affected?] by the deep warm water of
the Lake to that the fruit is not injured by frost as in most places - the [illegible] is not as deep here the hills are high and the [illegible] on the opposite shore is often reflected in the Lake to as to produce a pretty effect . It is said to really charming here in summer the surroundings are full of romance and the [illegible] especially the "Watkins Glen" is being visited by thousands
Abbei is in the habit of doing without [illegible] help and to [illegible] [cannot?] promise to do more than to give our Rochester friend a humble entertainment but our [pash?] has been [illegible] associated with several of you who now [thi?] surrounded with wealth and [abandonee?] still might like the variety and change which such a [residation?] would [affect?] and [thi?] 20 years have [illegible] [awy?] yet ive still [H rest illegible] [illegible] appreciate the benefits of our [illegible] in Rochester and so I have lit my pen sensible on as I should not, do [they I illegible] any one but my dear Amy & [Gracee?]
I [Share] was invited to call on the[m] by My husband and declined because he [illegible] he [illegible] not have time; he [illegible] was detained and might have called at Sophia [illegible] thee would have enjoyed asking him [kuestin?] _ I have just got a stove (Morning Gloz) put up in my room and it [illegible] so [waim?] [illegible] that I shall have to shop more [windows?] the snow is falling fast and the weather mild
I may not have a chance to send [thi?] to the [ofpice?] and may think of some more [illegible] - should like to hear of Susan [Puckmund?] - [thi] her I have not forgotten her - Abbie sends her love to you she enjoys unusual health her daughter Ella has grown almost to a [illegible] [illegible] and is [quiet?] comfort to him [illegible] and to me also - Thee may [illegible] tendency a pink [illegible] pattern to her when small it was [illegible] useful and [wore] will Abbie has a comfortable [house] 2 [illegible] with 4 rooms 2 above and 2 below a kitchen they have 10 acres [illegible] in [illegible] and Peaches
with much love [illegible] [illegible] yours
Sarah E Thayer


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