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Thayer, Sarah E. Letter to Amy Kirby Post. (1869-01-01)

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Thee has heard of Hector" where there are the [illegible] [illegible] of "The Vestiges"
of Quakers" this is also Hector but west of the [illegible] settlement I found Elisabeth here
with her daughter Lucy - her husband came for [illegible] is a few days they cross
over to [Cayle?] in their own carriage - Dorcas went sound by Geneva and Aubun
There will be great change at Ashwood in the coming spring. Isaac has sold
out their pleasant home and his mother has also sold her old home Thomas
is to locate anew somewhere else and Isaac to he the future guardian of his
Mother & Sister Anna the latter being sole heir after the Mother - It is now [illegible]
due to buy a large place and that may be the farm little south of
Dorcas describes her visiting among the [illegible] Learing and they as being quite
pleasant - at the Elder Learning, the [illegible] a pleasant family and seemed to
enjoy the approved appearance of the picture walls and china glass and silver ware
in contrast with older times she also visited May and there was old associates
[coufled?] with the new. Then she went to see Esther Hains and [illegible] as the [illegible]
Model mother, wife, and "friend" - that she should cultivate her society if she
lived near - I have the satisfaction of thinking of all the social privileges
I have enjoyed in my lifetime and now that I am limited to only my own
family I enjoy perhaps all that I need. I was in the was of seeing many
interesting lessons while in [illegible] tho' we were 3 miles from the Hall and
I could not always attend the gatherings -
I hope thee & Isaac will be able to call on us, as you go east leaving the [illegible]
at Geneva taking ^&^ the boat you will find us near the landing and will be
warmly welcomed - after we had a good visit you can join the [illegible] against

- KR

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