Rochester Gas & Electric Lantern Slide Collection

The Rochester Gas Light Company first came into fruition in the mid-1800s and soon joined forces with the Rochester Electric Company to forge the Rochester Gas & Electric Company (RG&E). After WWI, the demand for power grew expeditiously and RG&E has continued to expand through the 21st century with their pools of rich natural deposits. 

This Exhibit

This online exhibit presents images of some of the over 500 glass plate lantern slides which make up the Rochester Gas & Electric Lantern Slide Collection. These slides would have been projected on a wall for presentation with the help of a magic lantern, a forerunner to the overhead projectors of the second half of the 20th century and today's digital presentation screens.

The images here include photographs, cartoons, advertisements, diagrams, charts of figures, and maps. The photographs range from views of gas flames, testing setups, equipment, streets and buildings to people from the Rochester area, while the cartoons deal more with certain mechanics of the company. There’s a multitude of advertisements and diagrams that were used to communicate with others, possible presentation materials, and details of electric and gasline layouts. 

It's Alive!

These images depict life and engineering development during the 20th century (namely 1932-c.1962) but most of the details about the images are still unknown and pending identification. If you can identify something or someone in an image, or have details that may clarify its description, we'd love to hear from you! 

Eventually, we're hoping to let you make comments right on the images themselves to add information. For now, if you have any details you'd like to add, email us at Images will be updated with details, names, locations, and anything you can help us learn! 

Currently, two out of the nineteen boxes of slides have been imaged and put up here. Check back often for updates as additional images and information will be added to the exhibit.