'We must all appear before the Lord': Religious Transcriptions of the Early Modern Era

"Wherefore we labour that wether
present or absent we may be accepted of him, for
wee must all appear before the Lord."
- John Eaton, c1619


While many English-language manuscripts of the Early Modern Era were legal documents and records, such as indentures, for example, this exhibit will focus on the transcription of religious writings (Siebach-Larson, 2022). 

Religion is key to history. 

Wars, the establishment of governments and societal structures, hysteria, persecutions, and so on were ignited from religious thought, belief, and practice. If we are to understand not only this era, but the experiences and lives of those who lived it, we must jump into the study of religion–and into the study of our two manuscripts: The Religious Meditations of John Eaton and Jerimyes Prognostication of Jerusalem's Overthrow. 


The Experiencing History Directly Internship has been made possible by the generosity of Randy and Lisa Whitestone through the Zagorin fund. The Experiencing History Summer 2022 interns are Ronald Faris (BA, '24, History) and Alyssa Rodriguez (PhD, '23, History).