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Schottenfeld, Steven (2023 )
Steven Schottenfeld, in recognition of ongoing achievements, and for the novel This Room Is Made of Noise (UW Press, 2023).
Donnell, Quajay (2022)
In recognition of his accomplishments in photography, and specifically his 2022 RBSC exhibition of photographs documenting artists’ engagement across…
Smith, Herb (2021)
Herb Smith, RPO trumpet player and founder of Herb’s City Trumpets
Pfohl Smith, Missy (2020)
In recognition of her ongoing directorship of BIODANCE, and in particular her work, entitled "Returning," which premiered in "Dances, Distance and…
Kim, Olivia (2019)
In recognition of the 2018 installation of the Bicentennial Frederick Douglass Sculptures
Rutherford, Sarah (2017)
Sarah Rutherford, for her mural project "Her Voice Carries"
 Sanchez-Gutierrez, Carlos (2016)
Darren Stevenson, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, and Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon for their collaborative opera "Don't Blame Anyone"
Hodge, Nate (2015)
Nate Hodge, for his mural ‘City and Sky’ on Atlantic Avenue as part of Wall/Therapy
FuturPointe Dance ( 2014)
N’jelle Gage and Guy Thorne, of FuturPointe Dance
Peppermint, Cary (2013)
Cary Peppermint, for Basecamp.exe, a workshop and art installation that explores environmental awareness, and INDUSTRIAL WILDERNESS, an online and…
Grotz, Jennifer (2011)
Jennifer Grotz, for her second selection of poems, The Needle
Zohn-Muldoon, Ricardo (2010)
Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, music composition, for CD entitled "Cantos."
Dunwoody, Shawn (2009)
Shawn Dunwoody, for "his multifaceted involvement in the Rochester artistic community and efforts to bring the arts and underserved communities…
Panning, Anne (2008)
Anne Panning, literature, for Super America
Layton, Heather (2007)
Heather Layton, for contributions made in art and literature
Rogers, Michael (2006)
Michael Rogers, glass sculptor, for pieces displayed as part of the 2nd Rochester Biennial Exhibition at the University's Memorial Art Gallery in…
Liptak, David (2005)
David Liptak, music composition, CD of "Music of David Liptak."
Gregory, Judith Olson (2004)
Judith Olson Gregory, mixed media art, for "The Season Series."
Longenbach, James (2003)
James Longenbach, literature, for Fleet River.
Kitchen, Judith (2002)
Judith Kitchen, literature, for The House on Eccles Road.
Williams, Lawrence (2001)
Lawrence Williams, sculpture, for "Sledges and Piers: Water and Ice."
Wakefield, Kathleen (2000)
Kathleen Wakefield, poetry, for Notations on the Visible World
Lyons, Elizabeth (1999)
Elizabeth Lyons, glass sculpture, for "Ritual Vessels."
Chiarenza, Carl (1998)
Carl Chiarenza, Fanny Knapp Allen Professor Emeritus of Art History and artist-in-residence at the College, photography, for an exhibit of large-scale…
Barrett, Andrea (1997)
Andrea Barrett, literature, for The Voyage of the Narwhal
Heyen, William (1996)
William Heyen, poetry, for Crazy Horse in Stillness.
MurMur (Michael Ives, Robert Kulik, and Richard Scott), performance.
Gavin, Thomas (1994 )
Thomas Gavin, literature, for his third novel, Breathing Water.
Hendrick, Joe (1993)
Joe Hendrick and Colleen Hendrick choreography and set design, for Days Swinging Home.
Garth Fagan, choreography, for Griot New York.
Stewart, William R. (1991)
William Stewart, sculpture, for The Council.
Scott, Joanna (1990)
Joanna Scott, literature, for Arrogance.
Rouse, Christopher (1989)
Christopher Rouse, music, for Symphony No. 1.
Talarico, Ross (1988)
Ross Talarico, literature, for All Things as They Are: Recollections of the Sixties and Beyond...
Nathan Lyons, photography, for the Visual Studies Workshop.
Madalena, Batiste (1986)
Batiste Madalena, painting, motion picture posters for the Eastman Theatre (1924-28)
Frank Grosso, architecture, for coordinating the neo-classicial and the gothic styles in the new wing that will join the Memorial Art Gallery with the…
Schwantner, Joseph (1984)
Joseph Schwantner, music, for his composition "New Morning for the World," for narrator and orchestra.
The Cleveland Quartet, music
Fagan, Garth (1982)
Garth Fagan, music, for general direction and choreography for The Bucket Dance Theatre, particularly for "Of Night, Light, and Melanin" (1982).
Sharrer, Honore (1981)
Honore Sharrer, for painting.
Allardt, Linda (1980)
Linda Allardt, literature, for The Names of the Survivors , a volume of poems (Ithaca, N.Y.: Ithaca House).
Lyons, Joan (1979)
Joan Lyons, for painting, photography, and graphic art.
Stewart, William R. (1978)
William R. Stewart, ceramic sculpture.
Castle, Wendell (1977)
Wendell Castle, sculpture, for the walnut spiral staircase in the corporate headquarters of The Gannett Co.
Bornarth, Philip (1976)
Philip Bornarth, painting, for his retrospective exhibition, "Earth, Air, and Water: Drawings and Paintings of The American Landscape," shown at The…
Paley, Albert, Jr. (1975)
Albert R. Paley, Jr., sculpture, for the entrance gates for The Renwick Gallery of the National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution,…
Calderwood, Kathy (1974)
Kathy Calderwood, painting, for oils shown at the Allan Stone Gallery, New York.
Ramsey, Jarold (1973)
Jarold Ramsey, literature, for Love in an Earthquake, a volume of poems.
Macon, Robert J. (1972)
Robert J. Macon, architecture, for Fight Square, 282 Troup Street.
Benson, Warren (1971)
Warren Benson, music, for Capriccio for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano.
Wolsky, Jack (1970)
Jack Wolsky, painting, for oils shown at the Schuman Gallery.
Adler, Samuel (1969)
Samuel Adler, music.
Carl F. W. Kaelber, Jr., architecture, for the Strasenburgh Planetarium, 663 East Avenue.
Hecht, Anthony (1967)
Anthony Hecht, literature, for The Hard Hours, a volume of poems. New York: Atheneum.
Miller, Archibald (1966)
Archibald Miller, sculpture, for "creative experiments in adapting new materials to an old art form," shown at the Isaacs Gallery, Toronto, October…
Johnson, James H. (1965)
James H. Johnson, architecture, for the Church of St. John the Evangelist, 2400 Ridge Road West.
Hanson, Howard (1964)
Howard Hanson, music, for Four Psalms, for baritone, solo cello, and strings, first performed at the Library of Congress, October 31.
Wildenhain, Frans (1963)
Frans Wildenhain, ceramics, for a mural at The National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland.
Rogers, Bernard (1962)
Bernard Rogers, music.
Dargis, Alfonsas (1961)
Alfonsas Dargis, painting, for abstract oils.
Newhall, Nancy (1960)
Nancy Newhall, literature, for This is the American Earth, an exhibition book of photographs and commentary (with Ansel Adams). San Francisco: Sierra…
Plutzik, Hyam (1959)
Hyam Plutzik, literature, for Apples from Shinar, a volume of poems. Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press.
Messner, Elmer R. (1958)
Elmer R. Messner, drawing, for drawings and cartoons.
Karl Laurell, weaving.
Prip, John (1956)
John Prip, silversmithing.
Feuerherm, Kurt K. (1955)
Kurt K. Feuerherm, painting, for expressive painting techniques.
Avery, Ralph (1954)
Ralph Avery, painting, for watercolors.
Wildenhain, Frans (1953)
Frans Wildenhain, ceramics, painting, and sculpture.
Faragher, Donald Q. (1952)
Donald Q. Faragher, architecture, for Hanover Houses, Joseph Avenue.
Smith, Paul (1951)
Paul Smith, drama, for Eight and Twenty Mansions, a poetic drama presented at Strong Auditorium by the University of Rochester Stagers, May 11-12.
Konraty, Lola (1950)
Lola Konraty, sculpture.
Harvey, Ruth Walker (1949)
Ruth Walker Harvey, literature, for Curtain Time, a memoir of the Walker theatre in Winnipeg. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.
Sloan, Jocelyn Macy (1948)
Jocelyn Macy Sloan, sculpture, for work in alabaster, stone, and terracotta.
Sliker, Harold (1947)
Harold Sliker, drama, for Unto Us The Living, a choric drama presented at Monroe High School.
Altschule, Hilda (1945)
Hilda Altschule Coates, painting.
Beeson, Jack (1944)
Jack Beeson, music, for Concerto for Piano and Orchestra.
Sauer, Julia L. (1942)
Julia L. Sauer, literature, for Fog Magic, a novel for children. New York: The Viking Press.
Ehrich, William Ernest (1942)
William Ernest Ehrich, sculpture.
Enright, Walter (1941)
Walter T. Enright and Sherman A. Clute, drama, for the words and music of Ring, Freedom, Ring, presented by the public schools of Rochester, July 6-7.
Menihan, John C. (1940)
John C. Menihan, painting, for watercolors and lithographs.
Havens, James Dexter (1939)
James Dexter Havens, printmaking, for wood block prints.
Erik Hans Krause, textile design, for decorative designs for textiles, mural panels, and posters.
Burke, Carleton (1937)
Carleton Burke, literature, for Symphony Iroquoian, a volume of poems based on ancient Indian legends. Rochester: Rochester Museum of Arts and…
Gustave Fassin, architecture, for the interior design and decoration of his new residence, Wisner Road (at the north entrance to Huntington Hills).
Barlow, Wayne (1935)
Wayne Barlow, music, for False Faces, a ballet suite for orchestra, performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, October 30.
Butler, Herman J. (1934)
Herman J. Butler and Norman Lindner of Pike Stained Glass Studios, stained glass, for windows in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, 549 Humboldt…
Leek, Marion Loretta (1933)
Marion Loretta Leek, sculpture.
Cassebeer, Walter (1931)
Walter Henry Cassebeer, printmaking, for lithographs of Rochester and western New York.
Will, Blanca (1930)
Blanca Will, sculpture, for portraits and "Penguin Fountain."
Kent, Norman (1929)
Norman Kent, printmaking, for woodcuts.
Frost, Elizabeth (1928)
Elizabeth Hollister Frost, literature, for The Lost Lyrist, a volume of poems. New York: Harper &amp
Backus, Lulu Scott (1927)
Lulu Scott Backus, ceramics, for pottery and new ceramic glazes, shown at the Memorial Art Gallery in May.
Slater, Eleanor (1926)
Eleanor Chapin Slater, literature, for Quest, a volume of poems. New Haven: Yale University Press.
Kroeger, Alfred C. W. (1925)
Alfred C. W. Kroeger, music, for S.P.D.S., a symphonic poem for orchestra, performed by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, November 25.
Peters, Carl (1924)
Carl W. Peters, painting, for Winter landscapes in oil.
Songs from the Idylls of the King
Hand-decorated Songs from the Idylls of the King
The Lady of Shalott in her barge, photo mount.
The Lady of Shalott in her barge, photo mount.
A Kid in King Arthur's Court/Aventuras en la Corte del Rey Arturo
Lobby card for A Kid in King Arthur's Court/Aventuras en la Corte del Rey Arturo
Morgan le Fay with Excalibur
Morgan le Fay with Excalibur, painting by Dora Curtis.
Launcelot and the Falcon
Drawing of Launcelot and the Falcon by Anna-Marie Ferguson.
The Four Queens
The Four Queens, painting by Anna-Marie Ferguson
How Four Queens Found Sir Lancelot in the Wood (image of embroidery panel)
Image of the embroidered panel, “How Four Queens Found Sir Lancelot in the Wood, was designed by King and worked by Mme. E. Prioleau.
Tristan and Isolde Drink the Love Potion
Tristan and Isolde Drink the Love Potion by Noel Laura Nisbet
Guinevere, a monoprint by Mary Coupe
Illustrations of  Sir Lancelot (for King Arthur’s Crown) showing several stages of the development of the image.<br />
<br />
Color illustrations of Sir Lancelot (for King Arthur’s Crown) showing several stages of the development of the image.
Merlin Finds the Baby Arthur
Gareth Working in the Kitchen, a painting by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
Gareth Working in the Kitchen
Gareth Working in the Kitchen, a painting by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
"And by him Palomydes helmet off / He fought"
Drawing, "And by him Palomydes helmet off / He fought" by Florence Harrison.
Merlin Saves Arthur from the Black Knight.
Carol Heyer. Merlin Saves Arthur from the Black Knight. An original painting of a two-page illustration in Heyer’s Excalibur.
Elaine in the Barge.
John Jellicoe (British, 1843-1909). Elaine in the Barge. An original pen-and-ink drawing. Penned in is a quotation from Tennyson’s “Lancelot and…
The Lady of Shalott.
Attributed to Ford Madox Brown (British, 1821-1893). The Lady of Shalott. A large oil painting bearing Brown’s monogram.
Excalibur. An original watercolor illustrating the lines “‘Lo!’ said Merlin, ‘yonder is that sword that I spake of.’ With that they saw a damosel…
Excalibur. A monoprint signed by the artist and inscribed in pencil to the Lupacks.
Watercolor image of Excalibur by Anna-Marie Ferguson
"Dame Ragnell" from The Girl’s King Arthur.
Ian Brown, "Dame Ragnell." From The Girl’s King Arthur.
How La Beale Isovd Nvrsed Sir Tristram
How La Beale Isovd Nvrsed Sir Tristram
How Sir Tristram Drank of the Love Drink
How Sir Tristram Drank of the Love Drink
Page depicting "Arturus rex"
Page depicting "Arturus rex" from the Nuremberg Chronicle
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