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D.420 1682-003, Sir Robert Southwell
Item in the Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection. A loosely bound collection of four documents. Southwell was asked to write a biography…
Catherine D’Ignazio & Lauren F. Klein: Neilly Series Lecture
In this lecture, Catherine D’Ignazio, Assistant Professor of Urban Science and Planning and Director of the Data + Feminism Lab at MIT and Lauren F.…
Ed Hajim: : Neilly Series Lecture
Edmund A. Hajim ’58, financier, philanthropist, and chairman emeritus of the University of Rochester Board of Trustees, will share stories and lessons…
Paul Lauter: Neilly Series Lecture
Paul Lauter was incredibly active throughout the movements for social change during the 1960s. The ways in which he participated are extensive. In his…
Johnson, Oliver. Letter to Isaac Post.
Handwritten letter from Oliver Johnson to Isaac Post, March 14, 1842.
Women Of Tonawanda Reservation. Letter to John Tyler.
Handwritten letter from Women Of Tonawanda Reservation to John Tyler, March 14, 1842.
"Sir Robert Southwell's Notes on a Biography for the Duke of Ormond"
This is a set of notes made by Sir Robert Southwell discussing the life and times of James Butler, Duke of Ormond to be used on an untitled biogrpahy.
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