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Religious Meditations of John Eaton


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(Page 2)

[Modern inscription in pencil]

(Page 3)

Against sin and siners: but at the great day it shall be

Thy, God hath appointed a day wherein he will Judge
the world in Righteousnes.

To manifest his delight that he hath in hollines and
holly persons: that God may quit & absolve his
holly ones. As the are Creatures the must appear
before him. Act being made new Creatures & united
to Christ. The shall be acquited & absolved. God
will not give thou the Black stone of Condemnation
But the white stone of salvation: Romans 1;
This will be a dreadfull day to all the ungodly imperniten[t]
siners that have the black stone of Condemnation when
the Judge shall say to all such god yea Cursed unto
everlasting fire prepared for the Dosill & his Angells
a Dreadfull sentance that breathes forth nothing
but fire & Brimstone [wee?] & horror for months
without end & beyonnd all imagination a setance from
which their is no appeal to be made for this is the
highest Court of Justice & this is the Cast Centance
that shall be past: Matt 25 & 34: But the Judge
shall say to his Saints Come yea blessed of my father
& enter in to the joy of your Lord: a blessed Centance
it is, a Centance that breathes forth nothing but love
& merry: now the Bosome of Christ is upon to [illegible]
[receive?] them whose Bosome was upon to [renew?] him

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