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Religious Meditations of John Eaton


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(Page 4; upside-down)

that have one received him upon his own forms: To thou that
have followed him in the Regeneration: To though he will
appoint therownes unto: at the great & generall
Judgement: God will render to everyone according
to his workes: Ther is no respect of persons
with God: every person shall be judged &
every person shall be judged according to his

2dly, God hath appointed a day, in which he will
Judge the world in Righteousnes.

First that the wicked & ungodly might not
re be so vile; as their sinfull nature doth head
& to impell thou unto too: Sinfull nature being
set on fire by the fire of hell: is exceeding apt
to grow exceeding sinfull: 7 Romans 11 Sin
taking occasion by the Commandment [deceived?]
me & by it shew me & the Commandment which
ordained to life I found found to be unto death
The Commandment which should have laid a
restraint upon him: through the villnes of his
nature made him more sinfull & more vile
Though God keepes many externall daies of
Judgement & informall daies of Judgement to
to punish the bodies & souls of men: yet all this will
not do.

(Page 5)

To punish the souls & bodies of men yet all this will
not do: though God by his Rod shewes himself to
be a Judge, yet the corrupt part of Man, will
head in waies that are dishonorable to the Lord: now
God hath appointed a day in which he will Judge
the world in Righteousnes: that he might give a
Check to wicked Men that he might put a stopp
those waies their sinfull natures incline them too
Eccle: 11: Rejoice o young Man in thy youth and
let they hart cheer thee in the daies of thy youth
& walk in the waies of thy hart & in the sight
of thine eyes. But know thou, that for all
these things God will bring thee to Judgement
In the first part of the vers: that doth exceed
[night?] please young Men: There is not any
thing more delightfull to defilled & polluted
Nature: What can be more delightfull: To
say to the young Man Rejoice in the daies of
thy youth & walk in the waist of thy hart
& do those things that thou hast a minde to do
Let thy minde go after those things that thy corrupt
hart would have thee, But Brethren here is
a Cooler: heres one thing that spoyles all: heres
is a soure sauce to this sweet meat: But [Remember]

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