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Religious Meditations of John Eaton


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(Page 12)

2 Doctrin

our saviour speakes of a mans losing his soul

First every man hath a soul which may be left: if hee
be not carefull to preserve it: And here wee may
observe: That the greatest part live as if the were
all body & no soul: as if they had bodies to lose, but
no souls to lose: as wee Carry with us souls in our
bodies: so let it be continually in our miditations that
wee have souls to lose: how many are their in this
Nation that Can hardly afford time to provide for their
souls: But how is it possible that the soul should
live in Comunion with God: if that be not provided
for, as well as the body: Looke upon & down in the
world: & it is able to make to make ones hart to
tremble: To see how it lies in iniquity and death
what nasty beggarly brutified souls, may you see
are their in fire decked bodies: I mention those
things that wee may not be [insatiated?] with the rest
of the world: But us take heed that the life of the
body, be not all in all to us.

By way of Explication
of the Second Doctrin

The soul of Man, is a spirituall invisable substance
to me: their is nothing more desirable: then for a man to
know himselfe, in respect of his soul: I am apt to think
that their are many persons in the world: That think the soul
to be nothing els: but a mear Breath that goes in & out the

(Page 13)

body of Man: But they have more reason, who think
the soul of Man to be like unto the Angells: Ecclesiastes 12 & 7
then shall the dust retire to the dust as it was: and the spirit
shall return unto God who gave it: what is was here tofore
so it shall be now, as it was Earth, so it shall be now: 12
Raka: 1: The Lord which formeth the spirit of Man within
him: 7 Act 59: and the stoned [Slaven?] calling upon God &
saying Lord Jesaes renewe my spirit: all these scriptures
tell us that the soul of Man, is like the Angells.

First for information

[indent] Though the soul cannot be known
by bodily sence: yet by its opperations: By an inward
sence of its own actings & opperations it may be known
it may know its own nature as well as other things in the
world: wee do not know the substance of any naturall being
in the world: But wee know them by their certain properties
if you ask me what a stone is I know not: if you ask me
what the fire is I know not, But by its certain properties
it is a thin shining flaime: it [dus?] heat, it [dus?] warme
And thus far wee may know the soul of Man: By its
opperations & Actings.

First it is such a being that is allwaies thinking upon one thing
or other: and o what a happy thing were it if our souls were
allwaies thinking upon that which is good.

Secondly: It is very active & sh swift in its thoughts: how
quickly will it go through a parish a Country a Kingdome &
Compass the Earth: it will mount up to heaven & fetch a
Circuit about the world.

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