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Religious Meditations of John Eaton


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(Page 10)

Secondly keep your affection within Compass, for when
worldly have broke the Bounds of reason: you cannot
imagin what will come of it, for them the grow infinite
& boundles: give them one farm after another: one
Country after another: Kingdome after Kingdome
yet that will not do: It is so clear a truth: That it is
Certain. That Man desires more then all: for if anyone
person should have all the world: That Man would not
be sattisfied: but would desire more, for why Mans
end is something bigger then all the world. If this world
were thee and of Mans happines, it would give him rest
& sattisfaction: but since it will not do it: It is certainly
evodant evident: That Man is made for something bigger
then the world.

hence Learn two great instructions

First to bewail, The evill inclinations of your harts
to worldly things: Wee are apt to over vallue Riches
& the delights of the flesh, wee are apt to over vallue
these things to much & to forget God: Take men in his
Earthly inclinations & their is nothing but Earth in his
hart: hee hath left the knowledge of God: The Center
of Mans hart; is nothing els, but Earth, to Earth, This is
the wombe where all this villainies of the world are
Conceived: This is that which makes the heavens to looke
black over our heads: This is that: which makes our hart to
bleed: The [lore?] of mony is called the roote of all evill

(Page 11)

57 Esa 17 for the iniquity of his Covetousnes was I [wrok?]
why is it called the iniquity of his Covetousness: It is called
the iniquity of his Covetousness: because it is the roote of all
other sins.


Take heed that you do not trust your harts, in their
evill inclinations to worldly things, o where will our
harts carry us, & what will become of us, if wee favour
them in their evill inclinations to worldly things: The
will Run over Reason: The will Run over Conscience
Thee will run over Civility: The will over God
the will over Scripture. The will Run over heaven
& Run into hell: our harts are allwaies drawing
after the world: and if wee do not looke to it the will
draw us away from duty: The will draw to sin. The
will draw us to shame: and if wee do not look &
it the will draw us to the habbitations of Devills
here after: Therefore keep short your affections &
worldly things: this must be done if wee will
arive safe to happines: and take heed of Covetousnes
for a Mans life doth not Consist in the abundance
of things that hee doth injoy: 13 Matt 22: Religion
can never be sincere where mortification of worldly
worldly is not.

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