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Prospectus for the Life and work of Susan B. Anthony by Ida Husted Harper<br />
This announcement for the first two volumes of Ida Husted Harper's The life and work of Susan B. Anthony says it will be ready on November 20, 1898.
Painting of Susan B. Anthony, 1901<br />
This 1901 painting by Sarah James Eddy is thought to be a study for a larger portrait which is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. That…
"Body of Miss Anthony laying in state in church," the Rochester Herald, March 16, 1906<br />
A newspaper account of Susan B. Anthony’s funeral. The photograph shows women paying their respects around Susan B. Anthony's casket.
In memoriam : Susan B. Anthony, February 15, 1820-March 13, 1906<br />
Program for Susan B. Anthony’s funeral held at Central Presbyterian Church in Rochester on March 15, 1906.
Photograph of Susan B. Anthony, Mary S. Anthony, and the officers of the NAWSA, 1905<br />
Susan B. Anthony sits in the center surrounded by Mary and the NAWSA officers. First row (seated) Harriet Taylor Upton (Treasurer), Anthony, Carrie…
Rochester blue book, 1904<br />
The cover of the Rochester blue book (1904) and listing for the Anthonys.
Anthony home calendar : with selections from the letters and speeches of Miss Anthony<br />
"The Anthony Home Calendar" for 1901 features photographs of the Anthony home taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston and quotations from Anthony’s letters…
Poem written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton for Susan B. Anthony’s 80th birthday on February 15, 1900<br />
On February 15, 1900 a large reception was held at the Lafayette Opera House in Washington, DC in honor of Susan B. Anthony’s 80th birthday. Elizabeth…
Letter from Susan B. Anthony to Rachel Foster Avery’s adopted daughter Miriam Alice, June 22, 1887<br />
In this letter to Rachel Foster Avery's adopted infant daughter, Susan B. Anthony expresses her concern that Rachel Foster Avery will be distracted…
Photograph of bust of Susan B. Anthony by Adelaide Johnson<br />
The Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired the Anthony bust in 1906 and it is now on loan to the Susan B. Anthony House
Letter from Susan B. Anthony to Rachel Foster Avery, January 20, 1887 <br />
In this letter from Susan B. Anthony to Rachel Foster Avery, Anthony comments on the sculpture of herself by Adelaide Johnson and encloses suggested…
Broadsheet advertising a talk by Susan B. Anthony<br />
The broadsheet is for an event held on Saturday, November 5, at Washington Hall.
Letter from Frederick Douglass to Theodore Tilton, November 22, 1862<br />
On November 22, 1862 Frederick Douglass writes to his fellow abolitionist Theodore Tilton that "Our friend Miss Anthony is at home watching by the…
Susan B. Anthony's published remarks on anti-slavery in the <i>National Anti-Slavery Standard</i>, 1858<br />
Susan B. Anthony's remarks from an anti-slavery meeting in Albany, N.Y. were published in the March 20, 1858 issue of the National Anti-Slavery…
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