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Letter from Susan B. Anthony to Amy Kirby Post, April 13, 1863
Susan B. Anthony writes to Amy Post about recent experiences. Also included is a "Call for a meeting of the loyal women of the nation."
Issue of the Revolution, November 19, 1868
The Revolution was a weekly newspaper created by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton that was published from 1868-1872. The issue featured is…
Letter from Susan B. Anthony to Amy Post, 1867-02-14<br />
Susan B. Anthony writes Amy Post on February 14, 1867 about the upcoming referendum in Kansas. On page 2, Anthony mentions that Louisa Jacobs,…
Letter from Susan B. Anthony to Isabella Beecher Hooker, January 6, 1873<br />
In this letter Anthony discusses how the scandal of the rumored affair of Henry Ward Beecher and Elizabeth Tilton shall not interrupt her goals of…
Anthony home calendar : with selections from the letters and speeches of Miss Anthony<br />
"The Anthony Home Calendar" for 1901 features photographs of the Anthony home taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston and quotations from Anthony’s letters…
National Woman Suffrage parlors<br />
Circular from the National Woman Suffrage Parlors in Philadelphia outlining plans for the upcoming celebration of centenary celebration of the…
Letter from Isabella Beecher Hooker to her husband John Hooker, 1872-02-12<br />
In this letter to her husband, Isabella Beecher Hooker reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee voted down their appeal by a margin of 86 to 95
"Flocking for freedom," a political cartoon by Joseph Keppler published in Puck<br />
Anthony, Stanton and other leaders of the suffrage movement are "Flocking for Freedom" in this political cartoon by Joseph Keppler published in…
History of Woman Suffrage, volume III
This volume was inscribed by Susan B. Anthony to the University of Rochester Library in 1903.
Appeal to the women of New York, 1860<br />
This document was written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and signed by Lydia Mott, Ernestine L. Rose, Martha C. Wright and Susan B. Anthony. Stanton…
Will woman suffrage be good for womanhood? No!
An anti-suffrage broadside created for the referendum in New York State on the suffrage issue. It features a quote by Anna Howard Shaw.
Will woman suffrage be good for womanhood? No!
Anti-suffrage broadside from the 1915 New York State referendum
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