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Religious Meditations of John Eaton


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(Page 6; upside-down)

for all these things God will bring thee to Judgement
hee will wake to hould up thy hand at his Barr
he will Lay Righteousnes to the line & Judgement
to the plummet: & thou what will all those
vanities procure thee: but depart from me yea
wicked into everlasting fire: o think upon the
account you must give at the great day of
Judgement and thou Rejoyce in your sinfull
pleasures if you can.

2dly God hath appointed a day in which he will
Judge the world in Righteousnes.

That his saints & servants might be drawn
to walk more evenly accuratly & exactly
with him: The saints & servants of God have
many things both within them & without them
to hinder them in their holly walking. The
saints know the must give an account for every
idle word. Therefore it is the prieste after the
greatest exactnes & [strictnes?]

(Page 7)

3dly, God hath appointed a day wherein he will
Judge the world in Righteousnes

That he might bright to Light the hidden
workes of darknes: And shame impenitent
Siners in the face of Men & Angells. The
most of those grosse evils that are Committed
in the world are for the most part comitted
in secret. But at the Judgement of the great
Day: all the Counsells of the hart shall be
manifested: every thought & every word that
hath bin spoken by the tongue: The severall
plats of the wicked against the persons of
the Just or against their Estates. The
goods that have bin unjustly gotten and the
goods that have bin unjustly detained and all
the hypocrisy of Men: I say all these shall
be declared at the Judgement of the great

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