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Religious Meditations of John Eaton


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It is drawn from the great advantage & privilidge which
doth all end those persons; who lose their lives for his sake. They
shall love the life of their souls.

Thirdly, it is drawn from the vanity &
filly folly of those that deny Christ
To save their lives & lose their so[u]ls: ffor what shall it
profit a man if hee shall gain the wole world & lose his
own soul.

The Doctrin

Our savior doth here suppose: a desire in mans hart
of gaining the whole world to himselfe: or This, It is
naturally every Mans harts desire to have the whole world to

Christ this doth appear from scripture

Ecclesiastes 408: Their is one alone & their is not a second
yea hee hath neither Christe nor Brother: yet is their no end
of all his Labour: neither is his eye satisfied with Riches [illegible].

This doth also appear from experience.

What a great stir have many Emperiours made in the world
how have they butchered Men like sheepe: was not this the
work of the Babilonion Kings: and of Allexander the great
hath not the Turke & [illegible] laboured after this: By this you may
guesse what boundles desires Men have naturally: Man would be
like the most high: how art thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer [illegible]

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