About the Exhibit

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Screenshot of the original digital exhibit.

“Celebrating Rochester’s Rocky Simmons:  the Life and Photographs of an African-American Activist” was first unveiled in the Friedlander Lobby of the Rush Rhees Library on February 1, 2008. 

Many viewers from both the University and the Rochester community were excited by Rocky’s story as well as his photographs.  As a consequence, the University has been pleased to partner with the 7th Judicial District New York State Unified Court System and the Simmons Family in the installation of a permanent exhibit in the Monroe County Hall of Justice. 

The online exhibit that was originally created was the third version of “Celebrating Rochester’s Rocky Simmons.” 

With each version we learn more about the photographs and the people in them.  Welcome, and enjoy! 

Curator: Nancy Martin
Web design and construction: Melissa Mead

Omeka exhibit migration/construction:  Jessica Lacher-Feldman (2022)

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About the Exhibit