Illustrated Malory Editions


Sir William Russell Flint (British, 1880-1969).
Original watercolor illustration of The Birth of Galahad, illustrating the lines “And a maiden bare that Sangreal, and she said openly: ‘Wit you well, Sir Bors, that this child is Galahad.’”


Aubrey Beardsley, illustrator.
Thomas Malory’s The Birth Life and Acts of King Arthur of His Noble Knights of the Round Table Their Marvelous Enquests and Adventures The Achieving of the San Greal and in the End the Morte DArthur with the Dolorous Death and Departing out of This World of Them All.
The Text as Written by Sir Thomas Malory and Imprinted by Thomas Caxton at Westminster the Year MCCCCLXXXV and Now Spelled in Modern Style
. (First edition, 1893-1894.)

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