This project follows several parts of Li-Young Lee’s journey with BOA Editions, specifically through the publishing of Book of My Nights, Lee’s third and last book with BOA. It highlights the writer’s journey through letters, published and unpublished work, manuscript drafts, and excerpts. This project was done primarily in the University of Rochester Department of Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation with assistance from the Digital Scholarship Lab; English Department; and BOA Editions, Ltd.

Andrea also received help from RBSCP Director Miranda Mims, Senior Lecturer Curt Smith, Exhibits and Special Projects Manager Jessica Lacher-Feldman, Digital Scholarship Digitization Specialist Lisa Wright, and BOA Editions Executive Director Peter Conners.

The University of Rochester is home to the BOA Editions Limited Papers — BOA's archives from 1996-2005. More information can be found within the collection's finding aid.