May 7, 2001

Getting closer and closer to the anticipated time of publishing, Ward's notes focus much more on the logistical organization of the book: he wants Lee to write a biography and acknowledgment section for it, as well as a bigger and more open font. The "DC" referenced in the bottom right post-it note refers to David Caligiuri, who was the out-of-house copyeditor at the time. Caligiuri's edits are the last in-depth edits Book of My Nights received.

The table of contents is another example of edits in a place where readers may not always imagine needs editing. Many significant changes were initiated in these notes, including putting in section breaks (changed for final draft), adding or removing certain poems, and rearranging content. 

Plus, the "Peace, Friends, Li-Young Lee" post-it is an endearing addition to a page full of publishing and editing jargon.