Hyam Plutzik and the Plutzik Series at 60

This online exhibit celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Hyam Plutzik Reading Series and draws upon exhibitions created in 1982, 2011, and 2012 celebrating Plutzik's life and the Plutzik Reading Series.

No display can represent Hyam Plutzik's work in all its complexity, but it can highlight portions of his thought which are inaccessible through the published sources alone.

In 1982, not long after Tanya Plutzik donated the greater part of the materials now present in the Plutzik archive, an exhibition on Plutzik’s life and work was prepared by Professor Jarold Ramsey of the University of Rochester English Department and displayed in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

It is in that 1982 exhibition that this online exhibit has its roots. It maintains much of Professor Ramsey’s commentary and organization, which, given the eloquence of its presentation and the sense given of the man’s life, contains little on which we need improve. The exhibits in 2011 and 2012 were researched and curated by Phyllis Andrews, and mounted by Leah Hamilton.

As always, we gratefully acknowledge the help of Mrs. Tanya Plutzik and the rest of the Plutzik family, the Plutzik-Goldwasser Family Foundation, Edward Moran, and the faculty of the English Department, past and present.