The Operas in the Popular Press

[Contemporary engraving]. Puck. New York: Jan. 8, 1908. "The Mikado---Second and Last Act" by J.S. Pughe.

Political cartoon of Theodore Roosevelt and his cabinet as characters in The Mikado.

[Contemporary engraving]. Puck. New York: Mar. 3, 1886. "His Satanic Majesty Takes A Hint From The Mikado", by F. Opper.

The artist suggests how Satan might make the punishment fit the crime for contemporary offenders.

[Contemporary engraving]. Puck. New York: May 7, 1879. "A Little Common Sense For The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children."

Political cartoon showing the absurdity of the SPCC position against the use of children in Pinafore productions, while every-day cruelty was considered acceptable.